Open-E JovianDSS Build your Failover Cluster

Configure a Open-E JovianDSS Powered storage array, built specifically for enterprise-sized storage environments.

  • High Availability through 2x Header Nodes
  • Daisy Chain as many JBODs as you need
  • Powered by Open-E JovianDSS ZFS & Linux-based Storage Software

What is Open-E JovianDSS

Open-E's JovianDSS is an enterprise-class ZFS and Linux based storage software built to ensure the highest date reliability and integrity through it's unique feature set, providing enterprise users seeking a unified NAS and SAN solution with features such as think provisioning, compression and deduplication.

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x Broadberry Jovian DSS Header Node

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Build a High-Availability storage array based on Broadberry's award winning range of CyberStore storage servers.

Installed and configured with Open-E's JovianDSS ZFS and Linux-based storage software, you can expect the highest data reliability and enterprise grade features.

Configure your JovianDSS solution today with 2x CyberStore iSCSI/SAN Header Nodes connecting to CyberStore JBOD appliances for virtually unlimited scalability in the storage system.

CyberStore DSS® iSCSI SAN/NAS Appliances:

Based on Open-E's newly released JovianDSS storage operating system, the CyberStore JovianDSS® storage array provides enterprise class features and high availability.

Open-E JovianDSS utilises all features provided by the ZFS technology to the fullest. Its functionalities ensure a streamlined management with pools instead of single volumes, as well as consistent data protection and integrity.

Tiered RAM and SSD caching

for IOPS performance boosts when using low latency solid state drives.

Thin and over provisioning

for better utilization and easier administration of storage space.

Inline data deduplication

for remote backup, VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), and better utilisation of available storage capacity.

Data compression

for saving even more usable storage space on block level.

Data integrity

for minimising data corruption through check-summing.

Unlimited scalability

for nearly unlimited LUN sizes in the storage system.

Broadberry Storage Solutions can come configured with both of Open-E's storage software offerings, DSS and JovianDSS.


configure from: $8,424.07


configure from: $6,871.19


ZFS-based storage operating system: Offers unlimited scalability and high performance, at the same time providing back-end storage for virtualization and backup.

Thin provisioning, tiered caching and De-duplication make this a solution for demanding enterprise environments.

One year of software support included.

XFS-based unified storage operating system: Software solution for storage in SMB and Enterprise production environments.

iSCSI and NAS unified in one software which can be used for any typical storage installation. The iSCSI active-active load balanced failover adds extra performance for demanding installations.

One year of software support included.

ZFS XFS and block device
Performance Very high High
Maximum storage Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum volume size Unlimited 64 TB
Hardware recommendation 8 CPU cores, 64 GB RAM, HBA 4 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM, H/W RAID adapter
Architecture 64-bit 64-bit
High availability
Active-Active iSCSI metro cluster No Yes
Active-Passive iSCSI shared storage cluster Coming in Q4 2014 No
Usage recommendations
Virtual desktops 300+ virtual desktops 1-500 virtual desktops
Virtualization 100+ virtual servers 1-200 virtual servers
Backup Yes Yes
NAS No Yes
iSCSI Yes Yes
NAS (SMB/CIFS, FTP, Secure FTP, HTTP, Apple Talk, NFS v2, v3) No Yes
Fibre Channel No Yes
IP over Infiniband Yes Yes
Caching Native, tiered RAM and SSD Hardware support
Thin Provisioning Yes No
Deduplication Yes No
Compression Yes No
Snapshots Unlimited (coming with next release) Up to 20
VSS No Yes
VMware certification In progress VMware Ready V5.1 (V5.5 in progress)
Citrix certification In progress Citrix Ready
Hyper-V certification In progress Tested and confirmed