Rackmount Servers Award winning Rackmount Servers

Our highly configurable, award winning enterprise-grade servers are reliable, consistent and provide some of the best performance you will find anywhere on the market.

All Broadberry CyberServe rack servers are designed from the highest quality, enterprise-grade components and provide the level of reliability customers like Disney, NASA and Google expect from us.

The wide range of offerings from 1U to 4U are all completely customizable using our industry-leading online server configurator. Whether you require an Intel Atom based appliance server, or a Xeon Phi based GPU server for the most demanding computational tasks, the multi award-winning Broadberry CyberServe range has the ideal server for you.

Xeon E Processor Servers

Configure From $989

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Superb Business Class Servers, the CyberServe Xeon E range is based on Intel Xeon processors.

An ideal fit for companies looking for an affordable and efficient system, the CyberServe Xeon E range is designed to be configurable with up to 64GB DDR4 RAM, with a single processor.


  • Based on the Intel Xeon E Processor Range.
  • Boasting up to 6 cores and 12 threads.
  • Significantly enhanced efficiency and performance.
  • Features up to 40 lanes of PCIe for storage, graphics and network expandability.
  • Reduced power consumption.

AMD EPYC Servers

Configure From $1,968

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The ideal data center solutions for any business looking to maximize performance while minimizing cost. The systems in this range possess scorching fast speed, high adaptability and lockdown security.

Xeon Scalable® Servers

Single Processor servers from $1,402

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Ideal business-class servers, the Broadberry CyberServe SP1 range of Single Xeon rackmount servers is based on the Intel Xeon Scalable Processor family. Providing huge benefits in performance, efficiency and security, these single socket servers can be configured with up to 512GB DDR4 RAM and 22 processing cores.

Xeon Scalable® Servers

Dual Processor servers from $1,677

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Perfect Enterprise-Class Servers, the CyberServe SP2 Dual Xeon rack mount range is based on Intel Xeon Scalable Processor family. Delivering significant benefits in performance, power efficiency, virtualization, and security. Servers are configurable with up to 3TB DDR4 RAM and 56 processing cores.

Xeon E3 v6® Servers

Single Processor servers from $988

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Excellent Business Class Servers, the CyberServe XE3® range is based on Intel® Xeon E3-1200 v6 processors. A perfect fit value-conscious companies searching for an effective and affordable system, CyberServe XE3® range is built for use as an entry level / mid-level server. Servers in this range are configurable with up to 64GB DDR4 RAM and 4 processing cores, with a single processor.

Xeon E5 2600 v4® Servers

Dual Processor servers from $1,479

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Perfect Enterprise-Class Servers the CyberServe XE5 2600 rack mount range are based on dual Intel Xeon E5 2600 v4 processors. Delivering significant benefits in performance, power efficiency, virtualization and security. Servers are configurable with up to 1.5TB DDR4 RAM and 44 processing cores.

Atom® Servers

Low Powered servers from $668

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Perfect Appliance Servers the CyberServe range of Intel Atom based rack servers are designed for light processing tasks. Designed and built for the appliance server market where an extremely low power consumption of less than 10W is required and 100% server up-time is of up most importance. Configurable with up to 64GB DDR4 RAM and 16 processing cores.

Multi-Node Servers

Supermicro's twin architecture is the foundation of the most advanced servers in HPC/Data center, Cloud computing and Enterprise IT applications.

Micro Cloud Servers

These high-density, high-performance, high-efficiency and extremely cost-effective servers are ideal solutions for cloud computing and web hosting.

Configure a Xeon Phi or nVidia Tesla based GPU server for the ultimate processing performance.

Single Xeon Servers

Configure From $444

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Single Xeon CPU Servers are designed for SME server applications where multi processors will not be required. Our multi core, single Xeon rackmount servers are cost effective server solutions that give performance and reliability at an affordable price.

Dual Xeon Rackmount Servers

Configure From $893

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The Dual Xeon Rackmount Server range offer the latest generation server technology enhanced energy efficient performance for data intensive business applications. The Multi Core, Dual Socket Processors family of Dual Xeon Servers are ideally suited for demanding enterprise applications or virtualization that require intense processing power.

Quad Xeon Rackmount Servers

Configure From $2,397

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Quad Xeon Rackmount Servers with Exceptional scalable performance and advanced reliability for your most data demanding applications. Quad Xeon Servers are designed for enterprise computing applications such as virtualization and HPC.

8-Way Xeon Servers

Configure From $17,518

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Rackmount servers powered by 8 Intel Xeon 7500 Series processors. 8-way rack servers offer massive performance and are built for the most demanding enterprise level applications, supporting up to 64 DIMMS of DDR3 memory.

Single Opteron Servers

Configure From $497

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AMD Single Opteron Servers are a single socket multi core servers. AMD Opteron 1000 Single Processors Servers supports both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. Designed for application that are memory bandwidth and latency intensive such as number crunching, media encoding, and serving files - storage servers & web servers.

Dual Opteron Servers

Configure From $602

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Dual Opteron Server are available in 4 and 6 core configurations per processor. Dual Opteron Servers are upgradable from Single processor to Dual Processor designed for enterprise class servers running intense processing applications like virtualisation and number crunching.

Quad Opteron Servers

Configure From $3,655

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Quad Opteron Servers are available in four or eight processor sockets. A balance of performance, energy efficiency and lower ownership costs. For the most demanding applications, Quad Opteron processor-based servers deliver performance efficiency to handle real world workloads.

GPU Based Servers

Configure From $8,314

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GPU SuperComputing servers offer massive processing power and HPC performance. Broadberry CyberServe servers can be powered by either nVidia Tesla GPU's or Intel Xeon Phi GPU's

Browse Rackmount Servers by Form Factor

1U Rackmount Servers     - Configure From $476
1U Rack Servers are available with up to 4 drive bays
2U Rackmount Servers     - Configure From $613
2U Rack Servers are available with up to 24x 2.5"or 12x 3.5 drive bays, offering better more expansion and lower noise than a 1U.
3U Rackmount Servers     - Configure From $929
3U Rack Servers are available with up to 16x 3.5" drive bays
4U Rackmount Servers     - Configure From $555
4U rack servers are available with up to 24x 3.5" drive bays and accept full height expansion cards.
5U Rackmount Servers     - Configure From $7,272
4U rack servers are available with up to 60x 3.5" drive bays and accept full height expansion cards.
Pedestal Servers     - Configure From $444
Pedestal servers are perfect for out of cabinet environments such as under desks. Rackmount rails are available for all of our pedestal servers.

Browse Rackmount Servers by Base Brand

ASUS Rackmount Servers     - Configure From $1,037
ASUS is a technology orientated company with one of the world's top R&D teams, renowned for it's high quality products and cutting-edge innovation. ASUS servers are built from the ground up to deliver field-leading technologies while maintaining extremely high levels of power saving and efficiency encompassed under ASUS green design philosophy.
Intel Servers     - Configure From $1,351
Intel Server Products bring quality, reliability, flexibility, and support to your multi-processing environment. Broadberry CyberServe products based on Intel Server technology deliver industry-leading performance with maximum energy efficiency and lower hardware refresh costs.
Supermicro Servers     - Configure From $444
Supermicro based rackmount servers offer great build quality at an affordable cost. Broadberry base the majority of our server solutions on Supermicro technology as over the past 15 years it has proved itself as some of the most reliable server technology available.
Tyan Rackmount Servers     - Configure From $1,208
Tyan bring Enterprise computing features to the future of Server Technology. Tyan servers are offered in industry leading form factors and with the features required to enable you to have best in class server systems that meet your requirements. Specifically engineered for a wide range of applications a Tyan based server platform makes for the most reliable, feature rich and value for money systems.

Browse Rackmount Servers by Features

VMware Compatible Rackmount Servers     - Configure From $691
Featuring full compatibility with VMware, you will have no issues dropping it straight into your VMware virtualised environment.
RAM / Memory Intensive Rackmount Servers     - Configure From $907
Our rackmount servers with a high RAM / memory capacity are purpose built servers for RAM intensive applications such as virtualisation.
Cheap Rackmount Servers     - Configure From $444
These rackmount servers are deemed especially good value whilst boasting the great all-round performance our CyberServe server offerings are renowned for.
Low Power Rackmount Servers     - Configure From $444
High Efficiency Servers. With data-center running costs constantly rising, it is becoming increasingly more important for rackmount servers to be low-powered and efficient. Broadberry use the latest power-efficient technology.
Rackmount Servers with Extra Expansion Slots     - Configure From $602
Servers with extra expansion slots allow for future expandability or use in applications which require a large amount of PCI cards.
Full Height / Full Length Expasion Severs     - Configure From $444
Modern server hardware doesn't cater for the older style full-height or full-length PCI cards. These servers are designed for those who specifically require the use of full-height or full-length PCI cards.
Redundant Power Supply     - Configure From $3,577
These enterprise-grade servers come configured with redundant power supplies
High Availability Servers | Redundant Power Supply     - Configure From $602
High availability servers mean minimal down-time for your mission critical applications.
Short Depth Rackmount Servers - Perfect Appliance Servers     - Configure From $476
Short Depth servers can be less than half the length of standard servers allowing them to be utilised in situations where space is at a premium, typically situations such as comms racks. Our short-depth servers are highly-configurable and enterprise-grade.
Rackmount Servers with Front I/O Ports     - Configure From $542

Server with Front IO ports allow for easy access to the servers USB, Network, parallel and other I/O ports once installed in a rack. Front I/O Ports are a very desirable feature if the rack mount server is going to be housed in a data-center or rack mount cabinet, where the back of the server will not be easily accessible. The most common benefit of front I/O ports is that USB keyboards and mice can be easily connected for maintenance of the server.

Overclocked Servers     - Configure From $4,092
Broadberry delivers the fastest, most powerful, enterprise-class server solutions on the market with our CyberServe range of Overclocked servers. Where poor reliability has previously been the unwanted bi-product of overclocking, our range of overclocked servers are able to deliver application performance improvements of up to 30% whilst maintaining reliability as the primary focus for mission critical applications.
High Availability     - Configure From $8,331
Ultra High IOPS     - Configure From $3,986
Our range of ultra-high performance servers provide the performance that mission-critical, resource hungry applications require at a fantastic price point.

Browse Rackmount Servers by GPU Server

Tesla GPU Rackmount Servers     - Configure From $1,717
GPU SuperComputing servers offer massive processing power and HPC performance, accelerating applications by 10x. Based on Fermi GPU architecture, Broadberry Tesla based GPU high performance computing servers feature up to 665 gigaflops of double precision performance and 1 teraflop of single precision performance.
Xeon Phi Servers     - Configure From $2,217
Broadberry GPU high-performance servers integrate Intel® Xeon Phi co-processors, working synergistically with Intel® Xeon® processors to enable dramatic performance gains for highly parallel code - up to 1.2 double-precision teraFLOPS per coprocessor.
Xeon Phi Processor     - Configure From $21,301
Broadberry's ultra-high performance range of servers powered by the new Intel Xeon Phi processor delivers over 4 teraFLOPS of double-precision peak whilst providing 3.5x higher performance per watt than the previous generation.

Browse Rackmount Servers by Drive Interface

SAS Rackmount Servers     - Configure From $555

Superseding SCSI technology, SAS is a faster storage technology than SATA with its running speed of 6Gbit/s. Another major advantage of SAS is the fact that unlike SATA, SAS is bi-directional, allowing reading and writing simultaneously.

SATA Rackmount Servers     - Configure From $444
SATA offers several advantages over the older parallel ATA (PATA) interface: reduced cable-bulk and cost, faster and more efficient data transfer, and depending on the system configuration, hot swapping.
12Gb/s SAS     - Configure From $1,402

12 Gb/s SAS drives are built for high performance and robustness, and can reach up to 1.6M hours at 45C between failures. Which makes them perfect for applications where speed and reliability are vital.

NVMe     - Configure From $9,241

NVMe is an ideal storage protocol for critical applications that require high performance. Featuring high scalability, quick access to data and efficiency across the board, there are many benefits that make NVMe very effective.

Browse Rackmount Servers by Drive Bays

Rackmount Servers with Fixed Drives     - Configure From $444
Rackmount servers with fixed hard drives offer a cheaper alternative to hot-swappable drives, bringing the total system cost down when hot-swappable hard drives are not required.
Rackmount Servers with Hot-Swap Drives     - Configure From $602
Rackmount servers with hot-swap drives allow for any drive to be removed and replaces whilst the system is running and remains completely uninterrupted.

Browse Rackmount Servers by HDD Size

Rackmount Servers with 2.5" Drives     - Configure From $476
Rackmount server with 2.5" disks offer energy savings, reduced cost, and increased flexibility.
Rackmount Servers with 3.5" Drives     - Configure From $444
Rack mount servers with 3.5" hard drives offer larger storage capacity than 2.5" drives.

Browse Rackmount Servers by VMWare ESXi 5.5 Certified

VMware Certified     - Configure From $1,352
These servers are fully certified for VMware, so you'll have no problem dropping it straight into your VMware virtualised environment.

Browse Rackmount Servers by Menu Catagory

MicroCloud Servers     - Configure From $9,191
These high-density, high-performance, high-efficiency and extremely cost-effective servers are ideal solutions for cloud computing and web hosting applications.
Multi-Node Servers     - Configure From $8,247
Broadberry's range of HPC Multi-Node Servers arepurpose-built for breakthrough performance, compute density, high-speed networking and I/O with stability and increased uptime, making it ideal for High Performance Computing (HPC), Storage and Cloud


CyberServe XE5-104E v4

Configure From $2,113.27


Broadberry GPU Server FT77CB7079

Configure From $6,996.51


Broadberry GPU Server 1029GQ-TRT

Configure From $4,772.58


Broadberry GPU Server 7049GP-TRT

Configure From $4,529.69


Broadberry GPU Server ESC8000 G4

Configure From $7,973.21


CyberServe XE3-104S v6

Configure From $1,248.66


We have a complete range of Intel and AMD based rackmount servers with sizes from 1U through 5U that will suit all needs, from web servers, small business rackmount servers, virtualization servers, departmental storage and database servers to enterprise wide multi-processor, multi-core rack servers built to handle the most demanding applications.

A Broadberry rackmount server is also versatile and can have choices of fixed or hot swap Serial ATA (SATA), Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) or Solid State (SSD) drives, optional IPMI management and fault tolerant features that are available in a variety of 19" rackmount optimized server chassis formats, as with all our products, all Broadberry rackmount servers use the highest quality hardware to ensure that each rackmount server delivers performance and reliability.

Custom Built Rackmount Servers

We offer a wide selection of cost effective, high performance rackmount servers. If you do not see a rackmount server that meets your requirements we can custom build a rackmount server configuration to meet almost any specification. Call us on 1-800-496-9918 where one of our experienced sales & technical staff can help you to determine the appropriate custom built server configuration for your exact requirements.

Call a Broadberry Storage & Server Specialist Now: 1 800 496 9918

Introducing PC Pro's A-List Rack Server

Our XE5-R224 rack server was voted by PC-Pro as there "rack server of choice", once again beating both DELL and HP systems.

A top-value rack server that combines storage space with impressive expansion potential.The CyberServe XE5-R224 has storage space galore and backs this up with plenty of room to expand and low power consumption.

Dave Mitchell PC Pro 28 Nov 2012

CyberServe XE5-R224 More reviews

Supermicro SuperServers

Extensive Testing

Before leaving our build and configuration facility, all of our server and storage solutions undergo an extensive 48 hour testing procedure. This, along with the high quality industry leading components that we use ensures all of our systems meet the strictest quality guidelines.

Customization Service

Our main objective is to offer great value, high quality server and storage solutions, we understand that every company has different requirements and as such are able to offer a complete customization service to provide server and storage solutions that meet your individual needs.

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