Professional Workstations Professional Workstations from Office to High-End CAD Use

Broadberry Workstations bring new technology and performance to the finger tips of even the most demanding user. Using the best brands in hardware, our workstations raise the bar even higher.

We have a complete range of workstations that will suit high end graphics applications, Animation CAD/CAM, 3D Modelling, Visualizaion, DTP, Image Processing and Digital Content Creation. The range features the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs, Intel Xeon and Opteron processors.

AMD Ryzen Workstations

Configure From $671

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Everyone deserves a powerful processor. Uncompromising features and smooth performance are finally the standard for every gamer and artist. Now including models with advanced Radeon Vega graphics built-in, and new 2nd Generation Ryzen processors.

AMD EPYC Workstations

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The CyberStation EPYC range of high-performance workstations are built for flexibility, performance and security. Configurable with up to 1TB of DDR4 RAM and 64 processing cores in a dual-processor workstation solution, our range of workstations powered by the revolutionary EPYC processor is perfect for the most demanding applications.

Intel Core 2 Workstations

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Combining mainstream processing speeds with power-saving features, desktop PCs with the Intel Core 2 processor family let you get more done in less time, reducing energy costs by an average of 50 percent

Intel Core i3, i5, i7 Workstations

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Broadberry i3, i5 and i7 workstations are built on the next generation multi-core desktop processors using 22-nanometer technology. Be ready for amazing experiences in gaming, VR, and entertainment wherever your computing takes you with the 8th Generation Intel Core processor family.

Intel Core i7 Extreme Workstations

Configure From $1,187

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With the arrival of the new refreshed Intel Core i7 processors comes the new Intel X99 Chipset to form the ultimate Broadberry desktop PC platform for extreme gamers, enthusiasts, and content creators. This new platform is equipped with features that maximise the capabilities and performance within the gaming, overclocking, and digital content creation environment.

Intel Xeon E5 Workstations

Configure From $1,557

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Intel Xeon SP powered workstations cazn be configured for the most high demand applications such as HPC.

Intel Xeon 5600 Workstations

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Designed specifically for the next generation of intelligent workstations, Broadberry Xeon 5600 series CyberStations combine high-performance computing (HPC) and workstation features into a single powerful innovation platform that can be employed by designers, analysts, animators, and scientists

Phenom Workstations

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Unbeatable multi-core value with AMD Phenom II processors. They deliver The Ultimate Visual Experience for high definition entertainment, advanced multitasking performance, and power-saving innovations for smaller, cooler machines that are energy efficient.

Opteron 2000 Workstations

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The AMD Opteron 2000 CPU is available in 4 and 6 core configurations. AMD Opteron performs best for application that are memory bandwidth and latency intensive such as number crunching, media encoding, and also have the beneift of being very energy effifcient.

Opteron 4000 Workstations

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The AMD Opteron 4300 Series processor is the worlds lowest power-per-core server processor.Ideal for workloads such as web/cloud, IT infrastructure, and collaboration, the AMD Opteron 4300 Series platform was designed from the ground up to handle demanding server workloads at the lowest available energy draw.

Opteron 6000 Workstations

Configure From $2,212

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The AMD Opteron 6300 Series platform of high-end processors offers the industrys only twelve-core x86 processor. Ideal for high performance computing (HPC), AMD Opteron 6300 Series Workstations are built to excel when the workload gets tough.

Opteron 8000 Workstations

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The AMD Opteron 8000 series, four or eight processor sockets. A balance of performance, energy efficiency and lower ownership costs. For the most demanding applications, Four and Six-Core AMD Opteron processor-based servers deliver performance efficiency to handle real world workloads.

Browse Professional Workstations by Features

Low-Noise Chassis     - Configure From $1,899
Quiet / Low-Noise Workstation     - Configure From $350
Dual Monitor Workstations     - Configure From $625
GPU Compatible     - Configure From $1,279
1x Graphics Card     - Configure From $752
Up to 2x Graphics Card     - Configure From $863
Up to 3x Graphics Card     - Configure From $1,961
Up to 4x Graphics Card     - Configure From $1,481

Browse Professional Workstations by Drive Bays

Workstations with 4 Hot-Swap Workstations     - Configure From $858
Workstations with 8 Hot-Swap Workstations     - Configure From $1,899
2 Fixed Drives     - Configure From $494
4 Fixed Drives     - Configure From $603
8 Fixed Drives     - Configure From $1,481

Browse Professional Workstations by Menu Catagory

GPU Optimised Workstations     - Configure From $1,279
For the ultimate in number crunching, our GPU workstations can be configured with up to 6x Intel Phi's or Teslas
Graphics Workstations     - Configure From $625
Designed and built for Computer-Aided-Design, Digital Content Creation and Rendering applications
High Performance Workstations     - Configure From $1,899
Super-powerful workstations with the latest Intel Xeon processors and plenty of DDR4 memory
Office Workstations     - Configure From $494
These everyday workstations are cost-effective and highly configurable to your individual needs
Ultra Small Form Factor PC's     - Configure From $350
Revolutionary new PC's, the power of traditional computers small enough to screw to the back of your monitor
Virtually Silent Workstations     - Configure From $752
Whisper-quiet workstations meticulously designed for noise-sensitive environments

Browse Professional Workstations by Workstation Size

Full Tower     - Configure From $1,279
Midi Tower     - Configure From $494

Intel NUC, Celeron, Core i3 / i5 / i7, Ultra Small Desktop PC

Configure From $349.99


CyberStation Performance Dual Scalable Processor Xeon XL Workstation

Configure From $2,557.33


TeslaStation Pro-XL

Configure From $4,519.58


CyberStation Performance Dual Scalable Processor

Configure From $1,960.74


CyberStation i7 Professional Graphics Workstation

Configure From $625.35


CyberStation Scalable Processor Professional Graphics Workstation

Configure From $1,557.43


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