Open Standards Hardware

With Broadberry’s range of open standards servers, enjoy full compatibility and be rid of vendor lock-in. We never vendor lock and our servers feature full compatibility with all major storage server software.

Over the years Broadberry’s server and storage solutions have consistently beaten the likes of DELL, HPE and Fujitsu to be named “Best Server” and “Best Storage Appliance” by the leading magazines. Throughout the years our reputation for affordable, enterprise-grade solutions has allowed us to supply the likes of Sky, Virgin, Toyota, Toshiba, NASA, CERN, Disney, Sony, ITV, the BBC and many more household names.

Many organisations today are trapped in a cycle of buying servers from traditional big-name manufacturers and then being forced through vendor lock-in mechanisms to remain confined to that one vendor.

This causes additional expenses while limiting the quality and efficiency of your data centre as you are stuck with only a single provider and are blocked off from taking advantage of potentially better deals and options to suit your application.

Another issue is the fact that you’re often limited to a single piece of software as an operating system, again leaving you trapped if at some point down the road you want to seek a better option.

The only way out of that situation is to purchase an entire new solution, which for most businesses isn’t a viable option.  The serious lack of flexibility caused by being vendor locked leaves you unable to respond to the changing business climate.

The future is open standards hardware. As this concept continues to gain popularity, more and more businesses are turning towards open standards hardware instead of going the traditional route.

There are many advantages to utilising open standard hardware. Firstly, it allows your business to maintain fluidity. As things are forever changing in business, being fluid and able to move with the times gives you a big advantage. With open standards hardware you’ll be able to be proactive, recognise changes in your field and always be a step ahead of the game.

Whereas with hardware from the traditional brands, you’ll always be limited with what changes you can make. Even if you are proactive and discover the changes you can make to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business, you just won’t be able to actually put your ideas into action.

With open standards hardware you enjoy serious flexibility. You can change the software running in your data centre at any time and choose from a range of system integrators that adhere to open standards from which to get hardware accessories to your existing equipment, allowing you to find the best hardware for your business’s requirements.

When using open standards hardware, you significantly lower the TCO of your data centre. As you are able to shop around and find 3rd party hardware at competitive prices, your outlay will be a lot less than if you had been limited to a single vendor.

The ability to change your software solution helps protect you from the scenario where you have to buy a full data centre’s worth of new equipment simply because you want to take advantage of an upgrade in software.

Possibly the biggest advantage of open standard hardware is the fact that you won’t have to deal with vendor lock-in. Being vendor locked causes you to suffer a severe lack of flexibility due to the lack of compatibility.

Open standards hardware creates competition amongst vendors, leading to benefits for the consumer. The consumer pays market rates for commodity components and has the freedom to find the deal that best fits their needs.

A single-vendor approach means you won’t be able to put together the best setup for your business. No company can provide the very best of everything, so you are guaranteed to end up losing quality in some areas. It will be almost impossible to get the ideal server technology for your business.

A huge benefit of open hardware platforms is that you’ll be able to get the most out of your data centre by collating hardware that best fits both your functional and financial requirements.

The future is open standards hardware with its advantages of increased flexibility, compatibility and freedom in the world of computing.

Over recent years the world’s largest brands have moved away from vendors such as DELL and HPE towards open-standards hardware due it’s advantages in cost and compatibility.

Speak to Broadberry today to find out how your business can also benefit by moving to our enterprise-grade, award-winning open-standards server solutions.

Our CyberStore Storage Appliances are ideal options to be configured to meet the requirements of your organisation. Broadberry servers feature full compatibility to all major storage server software. Unlike the majority of boxes from other names in the industry which only offer compatibility with a single operating system.

Our enterprise-grade solutions have been trusted to power some of the world’s largest brands, increasingly so as they move away from traditional hardware vendors to open-standards hardware. Broadberry servers embody the concept of openness and are designed to be the servers of the future. Providing you with flexibility, functionality and high-level performance all for some of the best prices you will find anywhere.

Extensive Testing

Before leaving our build and configuration facility, all of our server and storage solutions undergo an extensive 48 hour testing procedure. This, along with the high quality industry leading components ensures all of our systems meet the strictest quality guidelines.

Customization Service

Our main objective is to offer great value, high quality server and storage solutions, we understand that every company has different requirements and as such are able to offer a complete customization service to provide server and storage solutions that meet your individual needs.

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