Intel Data Center Blocks (Intel DCB) for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform

Intel Servers with Nutanix deliver an easy, flexible and very cost-efficient cloud platform that offers variety, freedom of choice and enables authentic hybrid and multi-cloud computing.

Nutanix Intel server solutions deliver:

  • Cost efficient cloud platform that enables true hybrid and multicloud computing.
  • Enhanced ease of use.
  • Increased affordability, with hugely reduced infrastructure costs.
  • A single point of control for all of your applications and data across all of your clouds.

Intel Nutanix R2224WFTZSR Wolf Pass Server - Integrated 10Gb LAN Ports

Dual Intel 10GbE network ports, optional redundant power supply, Intel Server management port - IPMI 2.0 & Redfish, 2x PCIe x16 Gen3 slots.

U Size:
Processor Family:
Dual Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
Maximum RAM:
Chassis Features:
Redundant Power
HDD Size:
2.5" Drives
Expansion Slots:
6x PCIe
Configure From: $6,157
Intel Nutanix H2224XXLR3 Buchanan Pass Multi Node Server - Integrated 10Gb LAN Ports - 6x SAS/SATA Drives per node

4 Nodes, Redundant Power Supply, Dual Intel 10GbE network ports, 2x PCIe x16 Gen3 slots

U Size:
Processor Family:
Dual Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
Maximum RAM:
Chassis Features:
Redundant Power
HDD Size:
2.5" Drives
Expansion Slots:
2x PCIe x16
Configure From: $6,653

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Intel Servers with Nutanix deliver an easy-to-use platform for all of your apps, data and cloud services. Intel Servers with Nutanix provide customers with a simple, flexible and highly cost-efficient cloud platform that delivers freedom of choice and unlocks true hybrid and multi-cloud computing.

Driving Digital Disruption Through Hybrid and Multi-cloud.

The hybrid and multi-cloud delivery model can revolutionise admin efficiency, application performance and intelligent automation.

How Nutanix Does It

Nutanix uses its industry leading, 100% software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure to deliver a single cloud platform that smoothly brings your hybrid and multi-cloud strategy to life. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, your business enjoys unified management and operations with one-click ease and simplicity, intelligent automation and constant availability.

Build an enterprise cloud with hyperconverged compute, virtualisation, networking and storage at its core.

Legacy vs Modern Data Centres

Traditional data centre infrastructure lacks the ability to keep up with the speed of business today. Managing separate silos for compute, virtualisation, storage and networking is not time-efficient and needs too much IT specialisation.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud provides a better option. A modern, software-defined solution, Nutanix Enterprise Cloud natively integrates all IT resources to run any application whilst providing authentic consumer-grade simplicity that makes infrastructure management easy and effortless.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs by up to 60%

Choosing the Nutanix HCI model does not only provide your organisation with integrated, high-performance infrastructure and single-click simplicity, but it also offers a drastically lowered TCO.

Manage IT with a Single Click

Nutanix Prism delivers unparalleled simplicity to data centre operations. Manage, scale, automate and troubleshoot IT infrastructure with just one click, no specialisation needed.

Deliver Cloud Operations to All IT Locations

Nutanix software is ideal for your remote IT locations. The easy-to-use Intel Servers with Nutanix lessen requirements for space and power. Intel Servers with Nutanix can be fully managed remotely, making on-site IT personnel unnecessary. Management is centralised, software upgrades are non-disruptive and backup to the data centre or cloud is seamless.

Run Any App at Any Scale

Run apps and workloads on a single platform with unmatched availability, simplicity and performance.

Predictable Performance

Receive predictable high performance which scales with apps and cuts out the noisy neighbours problem.

Stay Online

Keep apps running with lowered risk and complexity through built-in self-healing, data protection, and DR capabilities.

One-Click Management

Rely on single-click management to make infrastructure invisible, including non-disruptive upgrades and simplified troubleshooting.

Streamline Planning

Leverage capacity and performance forecasting and scenario modelling for accurate and proactive planning.

Faster Roll Outs

Enjoy faster time to value from your applications with infrastructure that is deployed in a matter of minutes.

Automation Built-In

Enable self-service and lower the risk from manual processors by creating blueprints for database and application deployment and configuration.

Focus on Innovation

Enable a transition from specialised to generalised IT roles through significantly simplified architecture and management – allowing you to focus on innovation for your business.

Easily move apps and data between public, private and edge clouds to enjoy an authentic hybrid cloud experience.

One Operating System for All Your Cloud

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud delivers a single point of control for all of your applications and data across all of your clouds.

Add Seamless Disaster Recovery for your Data Centre

Remove the need for provisioning, configuring and managing disparate cloud environments or a multitude of solutions for disaster recovery. Get natively integrated, cloud-based disaster recovery to immediately safeguard your applications and data.

Tackle New IoT Projects

Provide local compute and AI for IoT edge devices, converging the edge and your chosen cloud infrastructure into a seamless data processing platform. Reduce complexity, accelerate deployments and free up developers to focus on apps and services.

A comprehensive software-defined stack, Nutanix HCI integrates compute, networking, virtualisation, storage and security to power applications at scale. It provides high performance, availability, and simplified management for multiple workloads through offering flexible orchestration and control across on-premises and cloud environments.

Intel servers with Nutanix HCI software help enterprises lower IT complexity, use their data better and speed time to value. Enterprises are able to support a variety of workload types, including data analytics and artificial intelligence, collaboration, ERP, databases and VDI – on a workload-optimised, security-enhanced and cloud-ready infrastructure.

By modernising your legacy infrastructure with an Intel server solution for Nutanix HCI, your enterprise is able to cost-effectively scale to support ever more demanding workloads. Enterprises are able to scale out incrementally, one node at a time as required, for reduced capital expenditures. Intel server solutions with Nutanix HCI can be adapted to a multitude of private or hybrid cloud use cases and workloads, delivering the ideal balance of compute, memory and storage.

Solution Benefits

  • HCI aids in the modernisation of your data centre infrastructure and speeds time to value.
  • Simplified scalability allows enterprises to quickly add new or extra applications and data on a workload-optimised and cloud-ready infrastructure.
  • With a qualified HCI hardware and software solution you can take all of the guesswork out of moving to hybrid/multicloud.
  • Improved serviceability for storage devices and expansion of high-performance NVMe SSDS with Intel VMD.

Intel select solutions significantly simplify Nutanix HCI deployments by:

  • Optimising configurations for Nutanix HCI software.
  • Lowering the time to evaluate, choose and purchase necessary hardware components.
  • Providing verified performance optimised to a specific threshold across compute, storage and network on Intel architecture.

A streamlined and consolidated virtualised infrastructure offers enterprises with a simpler path to a hybrid cloud for both current and future requirements.

Intel Select Solutions are validated and benchmarked by Intel to deliver a confirmed minimum level of performance. Intel ran two sets of performance tests for Intel Select Solutions for Nutanix HCI. In the first set of tests Nutanix X-Ray was utilised to simulate I/O or storage workloads, while the second set of tests utilised Microsoft SQL Server with HammerDB to simulate a compute workload. For I/O workloads the Plus Configuration provided a 13% improvement in IOPS and a 5% increase in throughput. While for compute workloads the Plus Configuration boosted performance by up to 73% to more than 5 million.

Built with Intel Quality, Reliability, and Performance

Intel Servers are products are backed by Intel’s design excellence and manufacturing expertise to provide processing power with high levels of flexibility, reliability and manageability.

Optimal for management of HPC clusters.
Perfect for hot & warm tier data & dense NVMe storage.
Designed for cloud infrastructure at scale.

Intel Servers support Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, which deliver scorching fast performance and the I/O necessary to eliminate performance bottlenecks. Server solutions powered by 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Processors thrive in computationally intensive environments and are ideal for handling business server and hosting server demands.

With Intel QAT (Quick Assist Technology) applications can be accelerated. Intel QAT delivers significant increases in the performance and efficiency of standard platform solutions.

Airtight Security

Intel Xeon Scalable processors feature security without compromise, combining a multitude of features and technologies to help safeguard your system.

Intel Quick Assist technology provides a software-enabled base for security and authentication. Intel Xeon Scalable processors also feature Intel Key Protection Technology, enabled via Intel QAT. Intel KPT aids in secure private key management.

As leading providers of enterprise grade server and storage solutions over the past three decades, we’ve supplied some of the world’s largest organisations including the likes of Sky, Toshiba, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Disney, the BBC, NASA and many more.

Our powerful online configurator allows you to configure your Intel server to perfectly fit the needs and requirements of your business. With a wide array of features, hundreds of possible configuration combinations and a meticulous design process that optimises them directly for you, these solutions are built to help your business thrive.

Extensive Testing

Before leaving our build and configuration facility, all of our server and storage solutions undergo an extensive 48 hour testing procedure. This, along with the high quality industry leading components ensures all of our systems meet the strictest quality guidelines.

Customization Service

Our main objective is to offer great value, high quality server and storage solutions, we understand that every company has different requirements and as such are able to offer a complete customization service to provide server and storage solutions that meet your individual needs.

Trusted by the World's Biggest Brands

We have established ourselves as one of the biggest storage providers in the US, and since 1989 been trusted as the preferred supplier of server and storage solutions to some of the world's biggest brands, including: