Xeon Scalable Processor - Single Socket Servers

Ideal business-class servers, the Broadberry CyberServe SP1 range of Single Xeon rackmount servers is based on the Intel Xeon Scalable Processor family.

Providing huge benefits in performance, efficiency and security, these single socket servers can be configured with up to 512GB DDR4 RAM and 22 processing cores.

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The Xeon Scalable Processor - Single Socket Servers have been superseded by the new range of Servers. To view this new range please click below.

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Boasting up to 22 cores, 112 threads and 96 lanes of PCIe, the Broadberry CyberServe SP1 range of rackmount server solutions is based on single Intel Xeon Scalable Processors. This makes them a superb choice for a huge variety of applications, ranging from business servers to mid-level applications.

CyberServe SP1® Servers are Ideal for:

Based on the Intel Xeon Processor Scalable family, capable of supporting up to 12 DIMMS per CPU and boasting an enhanced memory subsystem, the Broadberry CyberServe SP1 range of server solutions are optimized for these applications:

  • Business Servers
  • Domain Controllers
  • Virtualized Infrastructure
  • Cloud Servers

Re-designed from the ground up for huge improvements, the era-defining Intel Xeon SP Processor family goes above and beyond the standards set by previous generations (Intel Xeon E5 and E7 V4). Find more information on the Xeon Scalable range below.

Models Explained:

Ideal for smaller businesses, Intel Xeon Bronze processors are developed to work best with basic storage servers.


The Intel Xeon Silver is optimized for middling IT organizations that are still developing. It delivers the speed and security you need for your data center.


Intel Xeon Gold processors provide high performance and high-level reliability. Featuring hardware-enhanced security, this option is ideal for demanding and high intensity workloads.


Intel Xeon Platinum processors provides arguably the best performance in the industry for mission critical and cloud workloads, AI, machine learning and real time analytics. It also delivers humongous leaps in I/O, memory, storage and network technologies.

up to 8 Cores up to 12 Cores up to 22 Cores up to 28 Cores
up to 2 Sockets up to 2 Sockets up to 4 Sockets up to 8+ Sockets
up to 1.5TB up to 1.5TB up to 6TB up to 12TB

The CyberServe Xeon-SP range of business class servers has been designed and built from the ground up for modern data center applications.

Driven by the Intel Xeon Scalable processor family, these flexible servers are able to excel across applications. With this range you benefit from gaining insights from advanced real time analytics as well as emerging technologies such as AI, autonomous driving, 5G and many more.

Adding a server from this range to your data center will allow you to enjoy the ability to take advantage of new opportunities discovered via advanced, data fuelled methods.

  • Skylake core microarchitecture, with enhancements specific to your data center
  • Intel AVX-512 with 32 DP flops per core
  • Data center optimized cache hierarchy -1MB L2 per core, non-inclusive L3
  • New mesh interconnect architecture
  • Enhanced memory subsystem
  • Modular IO with integrated devices
  • Intel Ultra Path Interconnect - (Intel UPI)
  • Intel Speed Shift Technology
  • Security & Virtualization enhancements (MBE, PPK, MPX)
  • Optional Integrated Intel Omni-Path Fabric (Intel OPA)
Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v4 Intel Xeon Scalable Processor
Cores Per Socket Up to 22 Up to 28
Threads Per Socket Up to 44 threads Up to 56 threads
Last-level Cache (LLC) Up to 55 MB Up to 38.5 MB (non-inclusive)
QPI/UPI Speed (GT/s) 2x QPI channels @ 9.6 GT/s Up to 3x UPI @ 10.4 GT/s
PCIe* Lanes /Controllers /Speed(GT/s) 40 / 10 / PCIe 3.0 (2.5, 5. 8 (GT/s) 48 / 12 / PCIe 3.0 (2.5, 5,8 GT/s)
Memory Population 4 channels of up to 3 RDIMMs,
6 channels of up to 2 RDIMMs,
Max Memory Speed Up to 2400 Up to 2666
TDP (W) 55W-145W 70W-205W

  • Intel AVX-512
  • Unified 2S/4S/8S
  • Up to 28 cores
  • New MLC arch
  • Speed Shift Technology
  • High Frequency SKUs
  • New on-die interconnect
  • More PCIe lanes (48)
  • Higher PCIe BW
  • Intel VMD
  • Intel VROC
  • Intel UPI @ 10.4GTs
  • 2S 3UPI support
  • NTB Improvements
  • PCIe Dual-Case
  • SRIS
  • 6 Channels
  • Up to DDR4 2666MHz
  • ADR Improvements
  • 4S/8Sw/o Memory Buffers
  • Integrated Fabric
  • Saves 16 PCIe Lanes
  • OPA Switches
  • OPA Cards
  • Intel Boot Guard
  • SecurityPerf
  • PPI-X
  • Intel TXT Improvements
  • Intel BIOS Guard 2.0
  • Intel MPX

The CyberServe SP1 range is capable of supporting up to 12 DIMMS per CPU. That’s a significant advancement on the previous limit, which was 9 DIMMS per CPU, representing a 50% increase in memory bandwidth. In addition to this it also means a 10% speed boost per channel with the newly supported DDR4-2666 MHz memory.

On higher end models the platform is scalable up to 4 and 8 sockets as well as more I/O and memory bandwidth. With the new standards set by the leap in system capability it became clear that the time had come for Intel to replace the QPI. That replacement comes in the form of Intel Ultra Path Interconnect (Intel UPI).

The Xeon Scalable Processor family features breakthrough performance and possesses the industry leading memory and I/O capacity necessary to substantially eliminate performance bottlenecks. The Xeon Scalable performance is a big contributor to the strong performance of the overall system.

Applications can be accelerated via the addition of Intel QAT (Quick Assist Technology) to a software-defined infrastructure environment. Intel QAT offers noteworthy increases in the performance and efficiency of standard platform solutions.

The Intel Xeon Scalable processors the Broadberry CyberServe SP1 range is based on provide a degree of flexibility and performance that allows you to handle business server and hosting server demands.

Our Intel Xeon Scalable Processor based servers feature security without compromise, incorporating a number of technologies and features that will aid in safeguarding your system.

Intel Quick Assist Technology delivers a software-enabled base for security and authentication. Intel Key Protection Technology is found within Intel Xeon Scalable processors, enabled via Intel QAT. Intel KPT is on hand to help with secure private key management.

These features provide an immensely vital foundation for secure IT. They are necessary to handle the ever-increasing and evolving threats across both physical and virtual infrastructures.

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