Nexenta Performance Storage Appliances

Perfect for mid/high-level ZFS-based storage applications, the File-Server range of Nexenta Storage appliances are pre-configured and ready to be installed into your existing network.

High-Performance Nexenta Appliances Features

  • Hex-Core Processors for UItimate Performance
  • High RAM Capacity - up to 512GB
  • Configure with HDDs or SSD's with SSD Caching
  • High Performance allow for more VMs and High IOPs
  • Auto-Tiered Storage

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Boasting more powerful, 8-core processors and more memory than our Backup/Archiving range of NexentaStor appliances, the Broadberry NexentaStor File Server range of storage appliances have been designed specifically for the most cost-effective and resillant, enterprise file servers for big businesses and enterprise applications.

With it's rich set of enterprise-grade storage features, the NexentaStor File-Server range makes the perfect storage solution when you demand the very highest levels of data-integrity.

Data is a critical asset for your organisation. You need to make sure users can always access that data, and protect it so that it retains integrity and can be restored in the event of a system problem. But too many organisations aren't fully protecting data availability and integrity.

Here are some disturbing facts:

Deploy NexentaStor software-defined storage (SDS) to help meet compliance requirements and protect your primary storage from data corruption or accidental deletion by leveraging snapshot technologies to rapidly provide point-in-time copies of data. In the event of a system problem or to support your compliance requirements, NexentaStor RAID can provide additional protection, even if multiple drives fail.

NexentaStor offers an accessible online data store that facilitates and safeguards your critical information for extended periods of time. It leverages open-source ZFS to deliver unified file and block storage services, runs on industry-standard hardware, scales from terabytes to petabytes, and includes extensive data management functionality: accelerated write performance, data integrity assurance, inline data reduction, fast snapshots, cloning, and more.

With NexentaStor as your backup and archiving target, you'll get the capabilities you need in order to meet your RPOs and RTOs all while lowering costs, easing storage management, and incorporating common software between different hardware platforms.

Easy Active-Directory Integration

Easy Active-Directory Integration allows you to set up your shares and easily integrate them with users and permission groups from your AD server

Active Directory Login

Active Directory Login allows you to easily connect your NexentStor File Server Appliance to the domain via existing user accounts

Multi OS Compatibility

By utilising CIFS/SMB, NFS and iSCSI, the NexentStor File Server Appliancee is compatible with various OS's like Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Unix

3 Years Warranty as Standard

Buy with confidence knowing all Broadberry CyberServe rack servers are backed up by our 3 year warranty, with further warranty upgrade options available.

Dual, 8-Core Xeon Processors

Designed for optimal performance, the NexentaStor File Server range is configurable with 2x Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3, 8-Core Processors.

Inline Data Compression

For the most efficient use of storage space, the NexentaStor Backup/Archive appliances support inline data reduction for additional storage cost savings

Automatic Self-Healing

NexentaStor Backup/Archive appliances provide the utmost in data integrity, utilising a 128-bit filesystem with multi layer checksums, making for a self healing file system

Durable ZFS-based OS

To safegaurd your critical data, the NexentaStor Backup/Archive appliance range is based on an enterprise-grade, ZFS-based operating system.

High Sequential Write Speeds

The NexentaStor Backup/Archive appliance range are configurable with a large amount of spindles and VDEVS for high sequential write speeds.

Unlimited Snapshots

Create unlimited snapshots on the NexentaStor Backup/Archive appliance so you know your critical data is always available should something happen.

Auto-Sync Data Replication

Auto-sync is a schedulable, fault-managed, fully configurable Data Replication service that can be used in a variety of backup, archiving, and DR scenarios.

Unified File and Block Storage

NexentaStor Backup/Archive appliances can deliver unified file (NFS and SMB) as well as block (FC and iSCSI) storage services to your network.

Increase Flexibility. Eliminate Lock-In. Reduce Storage Costs by 50%.

NexentaStor is our flagship Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS) platform, enabling thousands of customers all around the world to evolve their storage infrastructure, increase flexibility and agility, simplify management and dramatically reduce costs, without compromising on availability, reliability or functionality.

NexentaStor delivers unified file (NFS and SMB) and block (FC and iSCSI) storage services, runs on industry standard hardware, scales from tens of terabytes to petabyte configurations, and includes all data management functionality by default. NexentaStor is Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage with SMARTS: Security, Manageability, Availability, Reliability, (lower) TCO, and Scalability.

  • Dramatically lower storage costs for Cloud and Enterprise workloads
  • Eliminate lock-in with 100% software deployed on industry standard hardware
  • Simple swap-in replacement of legacy block and file storage appliances
  • Partner certified Reference Architectures for ease of deployment and support
  • One software stack for all-disk, hybrid and all-flash storage configurations
  • Proven Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage with more than 1 Exabyte deployed to date
  • Unified File (NFS and SMB) and Block (FC and iSCSI) services
  • Built on ZFS for Enterprise-grade data integrity, scale and performance
  • Scales from 10's of Terabytes to Petabytes
  • Unlimited file system sizes
  • Inline data reduction for additional storage cost savings
  • Unlimited space optimized snapshots and clones
  • Periodic asynchronous long distance replication
Target Use Cases
  • VMware cloud backend storage
  • OpenStack and CloudStack backend storage
  • Generic NAS file services and Home Directory storage
  • Near-line archive and large scale backup repositories
  • Multi-Site Continuous Availability with Nexenta MetroHA

Extensive Testing

Before leaving our build and configuration facility, all of our server and storage solutions undergo an extensive 48 hour testing procedure. This, along with the high quality industry leading components ensures all of our systems meet the strictest quality guidelines.

Customization Service

Our main objective is to offer great value, high quality server and storage solutions, we understand that every company has different requirements and as such are able to offer a complete customization service to provide server and storage solutions that meet your individual needs.

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